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It’s been proven that the vast majority of viruses, in particular COVID 19, are spread indoors, largely through the inhalation of airborne particles from individuals that are infected. The easiest solution would be to keep all infected people away, hard to do when an estimated 40% of cases are asymptomatic, the infected won’t get the virus but can still spread it to others.

In multi-family buildings, outside air is pumped in through your HVAC system and distributed throughout the entire structure. In theory, the safest indoor space, especially during a pandemic, is one where fresh air replaces the stale air inside your building on a regular basis. Bringing in fresh air dilutes the contaminants inside the building and can help to reduce the exposure to anyone inside.

In order to calculate fresh air levels in your building, Parity installs Co2 sensors in common areas of your building to use as a “barometer” to determine just how “stale” the air is. (the higher the Co2 level, generally the more “stale” the air is) Because we measure common area Co2 levels every five minutes, we’re able to react in near real-time when outside fresh air is needed – our A.I based platform will automatically start to pump more outside air into your building to make sure Co2 levels are where they should be for a healthy environment.

Parity’s Energy management as a Service platform is designed to take a holistic view of your entire building. Our A.l based platform saves on Energy costs, reduces your greenhouse gas emissions and helps to ensure that the air your residents are breathing is as fresh as possible. Ultimately we believe these are critical elements to ensure the continued wellness of your residents, the urban cities they live in and by decreasing your building’s carbon footprint, help reduce the effects of Climate change across the globe.

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