Roll Call: Where are the early adopters?

Roll Call: Where are the early adopters?

We need more early adopters. Early adopters are the first customers to embrace a new product or technology before the majority of the population does.

They are a generation of risk-takers that say with a resounding “yes!” that they believe in new technology and see the added value for their investment, long before anyone else has really joined the bandwagon.

So why do we need more of them? Well for starters, early adopters only make up 2.5% of North American customers. Their counterparts, known as the early –late majority adopters, make up approximately 30 – 40%.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being a late adopter, but a lack of early-stage support for new innovation can potentially stunt economic development and block access to efficient solutions to business problems we didn’t know were fixable.

But when we talk about technology and innovation, especially in the North American tech landscape, we need more bold players to step up to the plate and help put North American home-grown technology on the map. We need people who believe whole-heartedly in introducing new tech to foster three things.

We need people who believe whole-heartedly in introducing new tech to foster 3 things:

  • Fuel the Canadian economy. Investment into North American start-ups creates jobs, stimulates financial growth and bolsters our research, development and entrepreneurial reputation in the cleantech space
  • Change the world for the better; new technologies help people connect to each other better and more efficiently
  • In the realm of environmental sustainability, mitigate ecological problems and slow the acceleration of climate disaster

That is why we need more early adopters. We want to see the bold acceptance of technology solutions that put inclusivity, sustainable living, and equity at the forefront of its mission. Not just for business growth, but for the greater good of the country and our overall wellbeing as North Americans. So, wherever you are, those early adopters – we need you and we need you now more than ever.

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