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Guaranteed HVAC Energy Savings for your building!

Energy costs represent a significant portion of your building’s expenses, and this is where Parity can help. Our Guaranteed Savings Promise ensures that if we don’t meet our HVAC savings projections for your building, we’ll cut you a check for the difference. No catches, no fine print, just guaranteed HVAC Energy savings.

No changes in comfort levels

The Parity process is designed to look at your building through an energy savings lens, identifying areas in your HVAC system where efficiencies can be found. Comfort levels? Your residents won’t notice a difference as your gas and electricity bills decrease and your building becomes more sustainable.

We make it simple to start saving

Our certified energy managers work directly with your Property Manager and existing HVAC company to get the Parity system installed. Installation is a simple and trouble free process. Because our system works remotely, we’ll even send alerts if we detect issues with key components of your HVAC, potentially notifying you before your residents are even aware of them.

Utility costs are going nowhere but up

Using Parity’s Energy management system can help mitigate rising energy costs and add to your corporation’s cash reserves. As well, a Parity equipped building is up to 30% more environmentally friendly, something that more and more residents are looking for when purchasing their own unit. A notable selling point, adding tremendous value to the overall appeal of your building.

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