Your building has a part to play

in reducing CO2 emissions

Parity saves on Energy costs, but can also reduce your building’s CO2 emissions by thousands of pounds per year.

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Generally speaking, heating and cooling buildings accounts
for the greatest share of CO2 emissions in urban cities



33,400,000 metric tons



15,400,000 metric tons



1,900,000 metric tons

Our world needs help. Watch Condo Board Presidents speak out on climate change

As the effects of climate change continue to be felt across the globe, we all have a part to play in helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

How Parity can help reduce your carbon footprint

To date, we have reduced over 13,290,000 lbs of CO2 emissions from our client buildings in North America


Start making a difference

Get involved and be part of the movement to make urban environments more sustainable.

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