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Free / Thursday JUNE 25, 2020 @ 12:00PM (EST)

How software and predictive analytics can help condos recover from the financial impact of COVID-19 and improve resident comfort.

Condo boards and property managers have adapted to COVID-19 and as a result, many are experiencing unexpected operating costs for cleaning, security, legal, and utilities.

In this educational webinar we will:


Share insight into these increased costs and provide an overview of how traditional building automation works.


Dig into the impact that occupancy has on electricity, gas and water and how this will impact your operating budget.


Introduce how cloud-based software can provide untapped energy savings using predictive analytics to improve resident comfort.

Presented by Mike Mulqueen, SVP Sales and Business Development at Parity. Mike leads teams in Toronto and New York to identify opportunities with condos, rental apartments and establish partnerships with property management companies and mechanical contractors. Mike led energy conservation programs at Toronto Hydro for Multi-unit Residential Buildings (MURB) and prior to that was part of the City of Toronto Urban/Environmental planning.

Guest Speaker Steve Herzog from Greener Solutions – A Financial Engineering Company for Building Owners and Operator. Steve brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in budget engineering for condo corporations and operations.