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An energy management platform built on years of experience

Optimizing the energy performance of buildings is complex, we make it simple. Through years of experience we’ve mastered how to assess, setup, operate and achieve savings for multi-residential buildings.

To understand your building we’ll have a building intelligence engineer conduct a detailed site assessment to identify savings opportunities.

We will present our savings guarantee and outline how Parity will optimize your buildings’ energy performance.

A preferred Parity partner will install our network of controllers and sensors to prepare your building for energy savings.

Using data, Parity measures the performance of your HVAC equipment and uses algorithms to optimize it for energy efficiency and resident comfort.

Our promise is to lower your energy use, typically by 20-30%. If we don’t meet our guarantee we will cut you a cheque for the difference.

A Journey To Find New Ways To Lower Your Energy Use

Innovating For You

Finding new ways to optimize the energy performance of buildings is one of our obsessions. Join us as we continue to push new boundaries of energy efficiency together.

Unlocking New Information

HVAC systems can be complicated; we use information to help bring a clearer picture to how they are operating. And with new information we make it easy to take better decisions on behalf of your building.

We're Not Satisfied

Our whole approach to energy management is driven by continuous improvement. We achieve this through AI and algorithms that continue to learn and improve, and it helps set us apart.

The Buildings that Benefit Most with Parity

Parity works with a wide variety of multi-residential buildings. In general our client buildings have 75+ units and have 10 storeys or more. Some buildings we work with have not upgraded their HVAC systems in any way; others have implemented a full Building Automation System but still have opportunities for further energy optimization.

Downtown Condo
303 Units
13 Storeys
36% Electrical Savings

Frequently Asked Questions

How is our savings guarantee determined?
Using a methodology called an engineering build up we determine your baseline (how much energy the building is using today). Parity estimates your savings target relative to your baseline and that becomes your savings guarantee.
How do we see savings?
We provide you with simplified online reports to look at your savings (weekly, monthly, yearly).
Who installs the necessary hardware and helps set up Parity?
Hardware is installed by Parity preferred automation and controls vendors. We will enlist their services to install all necessary hardware and set up Parity.
Who owns and maintains the hardware?
The hardware is non proprietary, has a useful life of 10 years and is owned by the condo corporation. Parity at its sole cost will service and maintain this equipment for you.
How do you charge for Parity?
We charge a set monthly software fee for our platform. Our customers make a monthly payment that is never exceeded by their monthly savings.
How do you determine the exact cost of our gas and electricity utilities?
A thorough review of the last three years of your utility data allows us to accurately depict your unit cost (kwh/mq) based on your billing amounts.
How does the guarantee work?
The guarantee is outlined in our Performance Agreement and states that if we do not meet the minimum guarantee then Parity will cut a cheque to the corporation for the difference, reconciled annually.
Are we eligible for rebates and incentives?
Yes. Your rebates and incentives are determined through a special application to your local utility providers (which Parity manages) and are verified by a third party engineering group. The amount of rebates collected is relative to the proposed electricity and gas reductions which we guarantee.
How long does installation and setup take?
Depending on the complexity of your building you can expect installation to take anywhere between 2 and 6 weeks. Parity then monitors the building, setting up measurement, diagnostic tools and building control for a baseline period of 1 to 2 months before the Parity platform is fully activated.
Will Parity limit my ability to heat and cool my condo whenever I want?
No, maintaining the comfort for the residents in your building is our number one priority. The opportunity for energy savings exists between the times when your building is oversupplying its processes and the demand has decreased.
Is the estimated yearly increase of our utilities taken into effect with projected guaranteed savings?
No, your utility cost and savings are based on the dollar amount you are currently paying.
Are maintenance and replacements included in the cost?
Yes, we provide a 5 year workmanship warranty. We will warrant, repair and replace all system components at no cost to you during the term. Our repair promise guarantees that our product will work as we stated throughout the term of the agreement.


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