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Save Time and Remove Risk

At Parity, we understand that Property Managers are a busy group, dealing with all kinds of vendors, interacting with residents on a daily basis and generally being the “go to” person for the entire building. So saving your time and removing the risk to you was our primary concern. We guarantee our savings, and provide the support and insights on your HVAC system that will build trust in the Parity system for you, boards and residents alike.

Guaranteed Savings – No Catches!

We know making and keeping your board happy is important to you. Our Guaranteed Savings commitment is there to make sure when you recommend Parity to your board, we have your back. Our Guaranteed Savings Promise is simple, if we don’t meet our energy savings commitment to your building, we’ll cut you a check for the difference!

Like a Virtual Superintendent

We take care of everything. We’ll even send alerts and notifications to you directly when our system detects issues with your HVAC components, often times long before residents notice. Allowing you to be proactive, instead of reactive to resident comfort concerns. Parity is a true turn key solution.

Savings you can see every month

Our monthly savings reports show you exactly how much you’ve saved on your energy costs with Parity, broken down by utility. Clear and concise, they can even be shared with residents to show how your building is working on becoming more environmentally friendly, while savings thousands per year on your HVAC energy costs.