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Energy Management as a Service for Rental Buildings

Parity focuses exclusively on reducing HVAC energy costs for multi-family buildings. Rentals and Condominiums are our specialties.

Start Saving Now
Increased asset value
We reduce your energy costs and by using data can help prolong the life of your equipment.
Net Operating Income
Because we guarantee our savings, you’ll realize a higher net income on your property.
Improve tenant comfort
We’ll keep tenants comfortable and keep occupancy levels where they should be.

Parity currently has pilot projects underway in NYC with Pan Am Equities and Glenwood Properties

“ Parity’s energy management solution is simple, effective and adds value to the bottom line of your multi-family investment while adding a level of granularity to a building’s operations so we can operate our assets more efficiently. ”

– Trevor McLeod, Project Manager (Starlight Investments)

Start saving on energy costs for your multifamily rental

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