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8,882,456 lbs

CO2 emissions prevented

Condo Board Presidents speak out on climate change.

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Adding Value

We’ve added value to our clients’ buildings by reducing energy waste and greenhouse gas emissions in condos like yours all across North America. As a resident it’s reassuring to know you live in a building that’s helping the planet.


It’s all about comfort. The comfort in knowing that your building is doing its part by lowering CO2 emissions and reducing your buildings gas, water and electricity bills at the same time. Our confidence in knowing that your heating and cooling comfort is never sacrificed as a result.


The Parity process is simple, very effective, measurable and requires no upfront costs which your board will appreciate, especially when dealing with overall maintenance fees that seem to creep up each year.

Established in 2016 – Parity’s clients are some of the largest condominiums in North America and they’ve trusted us to help them save millions of tons in CO2 emissions and millions of dollars on their gas, water and electricity costs. By predicting the amount of energy needed to operate a building to meet the needs of residents, we make energy waste a thing of the past.

It starts with a conversation. Begin yours.

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