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Parity is guaranteed to reduce your hotel’s energy costs and generate revenue through automatic grid interactions, leading to higher NOI and increased asset value.

How Our Optimizer Service Helps Hotels Lower Energy Costs

Optimizer remotely and automatically makes control adjustments to HVAC systems in real-time. Our service eliminates the need for constant manual adjustments and allows buildings to achieve maximum energy efficiency while lowering energy costs and CO2 emissions.

Optimize Your Hotel's HVAC Systems

Optimized control adjustments are automatically streamed to your building in real-time to maximize your building’s energy efficiency.

Remotely Support Your Hotel Staff

Parity’s remote control and monitoring solution vastly reduces staff time spent on HVAC systems management. Automatic, energy-saving adjustments free up your staff to turn their attention away from HVAC systems operations and toward other ways to enhance your occupants’ comfort.

Problem Solving And Detection

Optimizer acts as an extra line of support. We have a robust alert system that immediately sends text and email alerts to notify on-site staff when problems arise. If a problem can’t be solved remotely, Parity’s HVAC performance experts are there to support on-site staff in resolving the issue.

Automate Demand Response Curtailment

Optimizer can automate the participation in demand response events with remote control adjustments to earn an additional revenue stream without compromising guest comfort.

Benefits For Hotels

Optimizing your hotel's HVAC system benefits everyone, including your bottom line.

Piggy Bank Icon. Increase Your Hotel's Net Operating Income.

Increase Net Operating Income

Lowering your energy costs raises your hotel’s net operating income.

HVAC Systems Icon. Parity improves the efficiency of Multifamily Condos & Co-Ops, Multifamily Rentals, and hotels HVAC equipment.

Increase Your Asset Value

Our software improves the efficiency of your HVAC equipment, prolonging its life.

Guaranteed savings icon. Parity Guarantees savings for Multifamily Condos & Co-Ops as well as Multifamily Rental Buildings.

Utility Cost Savings Guarantee

We’re so confident in our approach that we guarantee utility cost savings for multifamily rental buildings.

Simplify Operations

Make HVAC systems management as simple as checking Parity’s Pi Dashboard to see how Optimizer is lowering energy costs in real-time.

Maintain Guest Comfort

Optimizer’s control adjustments are guaranteed to lower costs, but never at the expense of occupant comfort.

Create A New Revenue Stream

Optimizer automates demand response curtailment, ensuring you’re rewarded for stabilizing the grid without compromising occupant comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guarantee savings for hotels?
Yes. By analyzing your building’s historical data, energy usage, and utility bills, we can very accurately calculate your building’s predicted energy and cost savings. We’re so confident in the effectiveness of our Optimizer service that we can guarantee every hotel customer will pay less for their energy after working with us. We refund our fees to customers if it doesn’t happen.
What’s included in Parity’s Optimizer service?
Parity micromanages your HVAC systems with our Optimizer service. Our control optimization software remotely and automatically adjusts set points for maximum energy efficiency. Optimizer maximizes the revenue generated from DR events by automating demand response protocols. Pi, our monitoring and alerts dashboard, tracks real-time energy savings, monitors your HVAC systems, and sends timely alerts to your desktop or mobile device. Additionally, you get on-demand access to Parity’s HVAC experts should any problems arise and quarterly savings reports.
How does Parity affect sustainability performance?
By reducing energy waste and maximizing energy efficiency, buildings working with Parity measurably reduce their direct and indirect emissions of CO2 and other GHGs. These reductions can be quantified for ESG reporting and factored into calculations of building owners’ overall climate impact.
What markets do you serve?
We currently operate in Greater Toronto, New York City, North Jersey, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Maryland, Northern Virginia, Delaware, Boston, and parts of New England. Don't see your market? Email to let us know you're interested!
What are the benefits of working with Parity?
Parity lowers energy usage, cuts CO2 emissions, automates demand response curtailment, maintains resident/guest comfort, and reduces on-site staff workloads. Our service helps condo, co-op, apartment, and hotel owners and managers respond to building performance standards, all while lowering energy and operating costs.
What kind of buildings do you work with?
Parity currently operates in Condos, Co-ops, Rental Apartments, and Hotels. We typically work in buildings that are over 100,000 sq. ft., have 75+ units, and are 6+ stories high. Additionally, building HVAC systems with a central plant (boiler or steam) that utilizes a hot water distribution loop, a mechanical supply/make-up air, and a chilled water distribution loop are best suited to benefiting from our services.

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