This is an image of optimizer, Parity's remote HVAC optimization as a service solution.

Parity's Optimizer

Optimizer is Parity’s Remote HVAC Optimization service that we specifically designed for multifamily residential buildings and hotels.

What does Optimizer do?

We know running a building is demanding, so we take the daily management of HVAC performance off your shoulders and do the heavy lifting ourselves.

Parity does more than monitoring, we autonomously operate HVAC systems.

Optimizer consists of our control optimization software, Parity Insights (Pi) dashboard, real-time and continuous monitoring, automated demand response curtailment, and support from our team of HVAC experts.

Control Optimization Software

Our software remotely and automatically makes real-time control adjustments.

This minimizes energy consumption, provides grid services, and reduces your staff’s workload while maintaining a comfortable building climate for your occupants.

Insights and alerts: the Pi Dashboard

Track real-time energy savings, monitor your HVAC systems’ performance, and get timely alerts with Pi, our monitoring and alerts dashboard.

Pi keeps you informed about your critical HVAC metrics, helps you detect and solve anomalies, and provides timely alerts. Our dashboard allows for proactive decision-making, shares key reporting metrics in real-time, and provides a comprehensive picture of your buildings’ HVAC operations.


Pi offers a window directly into how we are micromanaging your HVAC systems, allowing you to track performance trends in real-time.

A mockup of Parity's Pi Monitoring dashboard. Pi is part of Parity's HVAC Optimization service, Optimizer.


For any issues Parity cannot solve remotely, Pi has a robust alerting system tuned to your exact building specifications that will warn you of HVAC issues in your building before resident comfort is affected.

A mockup of Parity's Pi Alerts dashboard. Pi is part of Parity's HVAC Optimization service, Optimizer.


Pi’s dashboard reports let you track your guaranteed savings, export your data for sustainability reporting, and keep a record of your performance year over year.

A mockup of Parity's Pi Savings dashboard. Pi is part of Parity's HVAC Optimization service, Optimizer.
Transmission tower with 2 buildings in front of it. Parity's HVAC Optimization service, Optimizer, works with the grid through demand response automation.
New Revenue Stream

Demand Response Automation

Optimizer can automate demand response protocols to run during DR events. We have a deep understanding of a building’s HVAC systems, so we’re able to automate their system with a unique level of precision.

This allows Resident or Property Managers to avoid manually performing any protocols, preventing possible mistakes or underperformance.

A woman working on her computer and looking at Parity's Pi dashboard. Pi is part of Parity's Optimizer service.
IPMVP Data Use

Measurement, Verification & Reporting

Parity uses the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) to automatically verify the impact our Optimizer service is having on your building. We generate regular reports that detail our delivered energy savings, CO2 emissions reductions, and other key details.

You can also access certain data and insights via our Pi dashboard.

A remote HVAC expert is talking to a customer while looking at Pi on his monitor. Pi is part of Parity's Optimizer service.
Remote Monitoring
This is a mockup example of a Pi alert. Pi is part of the Optimizer service.

Remote HVAC Experts

The Parity team understands that software alone is not the full solution. We provide proactive human support as part of our Optimizer service to ensure that maximum operational performance is achieved.

We pride ourselves in the ability to micromanage your HVAC systems from afar and support internal and external operational staff when needed.

A modern white multifamily building with a lot of glass windows and balconies. This type of building would be a great fit for Parity's Optimizer service.
No Upfront Investment

Guaranteed Savings

Parity backs up our utility cost savings with a guarantee. You pay us out of the cost savings we generate from eliminating energy waste in your HVAC systems. If we don’t deliver on our savings, we will write you a check for the difference – guaranteed.

Plus, we offer a zero upfront investment option to make working with us a no-brainer.

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