About Parity

Parity’s vision is to turn every continuously occupied building in the world into a Grid-Interactive Efficient Building (GEB).

Asha, Joe, Greg, Rob, and Kevin in a meeting at the Parity office discussing Grid-Interactive Efficient Building (GEBs).

Our Story

Parity was founded in 2016 when co-founder Brad Pilgrim was serving on his condo board and realized the lack of solutions to reduce HVAC-related energy consumption. He and fellow energy industry expert Brian MacLeod created Parity to be a simple solution for eliminating energy waste from HVAC systems in large residential buildings.


To provide an easy-to-use service that eliminates HVAC energy waste, reduces energy costs, improves building operations, and shrinks buildings’ GHG emissions.


To become the gold standard operating technology and service that transforms every building into a Grid-Interactive Efficient Building (GEB).

Parity currently operates in the following areas:

Our values

Everything we do is guided by our core values:

Embracing Challenges

Our team is dedicated to finding new ways of delivering value, whether using our technology to optimize existing HVAC equipment or providing new and innovative services.

Empowering With Education

We are experts in energy efficiency and regulations, but don’t expect you to be. We are here to help our customers meet requirements and understand their HVAC systems.


Parity exists to reduce energy use for building managers, directors, occupants, and residents. We are obsessed with delivering savings you can measure while maintaining occupant comfort.

Making Positive Climate Impact 

Putting less CO2 into the atmosphere is the heart of what we do. By reducing HVAC related energy waste, we can help mitigate climate change.

Data Driven

High-quality data is the backbone of our work at Parity. We turn HVAC systems data into savings and solutions for our customers.

Adding Value 

We value the time and money of customers. Optimizer will save your building staff time and reduce your utility bills.