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BERDO Calculator

Look up your building in Boston to see information like emission reduction forecasts and penalties you may be facing under BERDO.

Who Owns What Buildings in NYC?

This NYC-focused website gives you a behind-the-scenes look into the people and corporations that own buildings across New York City (NYC).

Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator

See your CO2e emissions savings in the form of CO2e emissions of cars, households, and power plants with the EPA's Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator.

NYCity Map

A detailed map of New York City that highlights building details, including lot and building information, city services, and more.

NYC Building Energy Snapshot

NYC Accelerator created a tool to look up a New York City building to view its estimated energy use and see if the building is on track for LL97 compliance.

NYC LL97 Calculator

Look up any NYC building to see information on its CO2 limits and penalties it could be facing under Local Law 97 (LL97).

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