A white residential condo building with balconies. Parity can Optimize the HVAC systems in this kind of building.

The Parity Difference

We know buildings have existing conditions and HVAC controls in place, so we meet each building where it’s at and provide a customized turnkey service to ensure maximum results.

Automated HVAC Optimization Software

Our control optimization software remotely and automatically makes control adjustments to HVAC systems in real time. This maximizes energy efficiency and requires minimal time or attention from building staff while maintaining a comfortable building climate for your residents.

Our software can also automate participation in demand response events, further reducing staff workload and securing additional revenue without compromising occupant comfort.

Tailored Actions & Recommendations

Transforming Building Management System (BMS) data into value

For buildings that have an existing BMS in place, Optimizer converts often overwhelming data from that BMS into automatic, cost-saving actions and actionable insights. Our advanced software seamlessly integrates with your existing control infrastructure, extracting real-time insights on energy consumption and systems performance.

By translating these insights into automatic control adjustments, Parity turns cumbersome BMS data into valuable assets that help buildings across North America enhance operational efficiency, cut costs, and comply with local emissions regulations.

Stuart looking at Pi while standing in front of a control panel and other HVAC systems in a Parity operated building.
A screenshot of Pi on the monitoring page. Pi monitors a building's HVAC systems.

An extra layer of protection for your building’s HVAC systems

Optimizer keeps a finger on the pulse of your HVAC systems operations.

If Optimizer detects an operational anomaly that can’t be solved remotely and may require on-site attention, we send color-coded alerts, tiered e-mails, and text messages to building staff as soon as the issue arises.

Often, small fixes or improvements early on can prevent costly and invasive repairs later. Optimizer unlocks additional savings from avoided maintenance visits and major equipment failures.

Optimizer alerts include:

A boiler icon. Boilers are a type of HVAC systems.

Low domestic hot water temperatures

Ventilation Icon. Ventilation is a key part of of HVAC systems.

Changes in cooling or heating supply temperature

Domestic water icon. Domestic cold and hot water are HVAC systems that transport water throughout a building.

Low pressure on domestic cold water booster supply

Zoe is on her laptop monitoring HVAC systems.

Proactive Human Support

Our remote team of HVAC experts monitors your building’s HVAC systems. When an alert rises, our team troubleshoots the issue and facilitates resolutions with building staff.

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