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Energy efficiency

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Parity handles the complexity of energy management, so you don’t have to. Using data, our software will optimize how your building uses energy while maintaining resident comfort. Through a realtime dashboard and monthly savings reports, your community will always be fully informed on your energy performance.

Energy represents a significant portion of building expenses and are projected to increase. Parity guarantees lower energy costs, typically in the 20-30% range. With no upfront capital cost and an average return on investment of 2 years, Parity will strengthen your financial position for the long term.

Your Buildings’ Potential Savings

Adjust the storeys and units to see average savings.

Every building is different. See how Parity can help lower your energy use.

Savings Per Year
CO2 Emissions Prevented Per Year
Savings in 5 Years
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Savings Per Year $50,000
CO2 Emissions Prevented Per Year 45,000 LBS
Savings in 5 Years $250,000+
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Condo Fees 6% Savings
“With no up front investment, Parity was cashflow positive from day one. In our first year we saved over $50,000. With the money we saved by installing Parity, we were able to reduce our condo fees by 6%.”
Henry Jablonski
Electrical Costs 36% Savings
“The best part of Parity is the live monthly reporting. They show exactly where HVAC savings are coming from, and we can seamlessly track our progress all year long knowing our energy spend is in good hands."
Olivier Boisjoli
Board Member
Electrical Costs 32% Savings
“Parity was great to work with, they handled all the incentives applications from the utilities, managed the project with our mechanical company and made sure we were delivered exactly what they promised.”
Sharon Hammond
Property Manager

The Parity dashboard helped a customer building uncover a gas valve performance issue; in short, they were consuming more gas than they should have and used Parity to help diagnose the issue.

How it Works

On the hottest day of 2019, the chiller failed at a customer building. Parity alerts led to a quick and coordinated response by the mechanical contractor – residents didn’t even notice!

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