Remote HVAC

Remote HVAC

Parity remotely controls and optimizes HVAC systems 24/7/365 to deliver guaranteed utility cost savings and revenue to multifamily residential buildings and hotels.

Reduce Energy Waste & Maximize Energy Efficiency
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A clean, stainless steal boiler room with a boiler and pumps. Parity can remotely optimize the boiler and pumps.
Parity's Pi (Parity Insights) dashboard that is a part of our Optimizer service.

What is Remote HVAC Micromanagement?

Remote HVAC micromanagement is an advanced software service that goes beyond monitoring and analytics to deliver fully automated, real-time control and management of HVAC systems.

Parity’s HVAC Optimization approach eliminates the need for constant manual adjustments and allows building managers to achieve maximum energy efficiency while reducing their staff’s workload.

How it works

Optimizer is Parity’s HVAC Optimization as a Service solution that micromanages your HVAC systems 24/7/365.

Optimized control adjustments are automatically streamed to your building in real-time. This minimizes energy consumption and reduces your staff’s workload while maintaining a comfortable building climate for your occupants.

The full Optimizer service consists of our control optimization software, Parity Insights (Pi) dashboard, automated demand response curtailment, and support from our team of remote and onsite HVAC experts.

Why Work With Parity?

Parity is a trusted and cost-effective energy management solution for multifamily residential buildings and hotels.

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Reduce Utility Bill Costs, Guaranteed

Parity’s Optimizer service is guaranteed to save your building energy by reducing your utility costs.

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Comply With Building Performance Standards

Parity is the cost-effective energy management option to meet current and future local regulations, without ripping and replacing equipment.

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Maximize Demand Response Revenue

We automatically adjust your HVAC systems for demand response events, saving your onsite team time and effort.

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Boost Sustainability Performance

Using less energy means reducing your CO2 emissions. This difference can be quantified for sustainability reporting.

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Increase Operational Efficiency

When we micromanage your HVAC systems, it frees up building staff’s time and reduces service calls.

Case Studies

See how Parity delivers energy savings to customers like you.
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This NYC condo, 252 East 57th Street, is a glass skyscraper Parity has under contract. The image is of the building at sunset in Manhattan.


Year 1 Actual Savings

181 Tons

Annual Reduced CO2 Emissions

Avalon Clinton South is a PTAC building in New York City with glass windows and a reddish brown exterior.


Year 1 Actual Savings

353 Tons

Annual Reduced CO2 Emissions

Epic on Triangle Park is a large, modern Canadian condo building at 68 Abell St in Toronto. We have a guaranteed savings in place for Epic on Triangle Park.


5 Year Actual Savings

210 Tons

Annual Reduced CO2 Emissions

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