New York City faced an unprecedented situation over the past few days.

The air quality was the worst in the world on Wednesday, June 7th, according to because of the Canadian Wildfire Smoke. Multiple sources put the highest recorded Air Quality Index (AQI) above 350 out of 500.

Due to the Canadian wildfire smoke, NYC building ventilation systems were unknowingly pumping bad air into buildings.

The effects of the Canadian Wildfire Smoke in Toronto Canada.

Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

Makeup Air Units

As time went on, building staff across the city raced to rooftops to turn off Makeup Air Units and other sources of outside ventilation to protect their building’s air quality.

We received several requests from our customers to turn off any systems that were mechanically pulling outside air into the building.

Parity remotely controls a building’s HVAC system. Our customers didn’t have to worry about manually turning off their ventilation systems and sucking in Canadian wildfire smoke.

Parity’s building intelligence engineers could turn off Makeup Air Units that bring in outside air, avoiding the smoke-riddled air being pumped into the building. By issuing commands, these units were remotely shut off almost instantly, saving time and allowing on-site staff to focus on other tasks.

As the smoke cleared on Friday afternoon, Parity turned these units back on and restored building operations to normal, ensuring safe and breathable air for their residents.

We quickly responded to our customers’ needs and ensured safe, breathable air for their residents during the alarming wildfires in Canada.


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